How to Help Your Child At Home

Children learn and develop best when they given the opportunity to learn things in a repetitive fashion. We find that by replicating some of our activities at home the children pick up new skills and ideas quickly. The ideas listed below are not things you have to do, it is just to give you some ideas of how you can support your childs learning. If they are not interested or go off in a tangent, then that’s ok – children of preschool age will only learn when they are ready and interested in an activity. Some of our best learning opportunities at Tiddlers come from the staff planning an activity which the children then adapt and change with their own ideas and we can start making worms with playdough and end up in the garden building dens.

  • Look through photo albums (either paper or on computer, tablets, phones etc) and talk about how they and other people have changed. Are there any similarities or differences, do they remember any of the times in the pictures i.e birthday parties or Christmas.
  • Encouraging self help skills such as brushing their own hair, getting dressed, using the toilet
  • Helping out with jobs around the house – pairing socks, setting the table, writing shopping lists, basic cooking/preparing food
  • When out and about look at the different types of houses you see – bungalows, flats, beach huts, rabbit holes. Play a game to guess who might live in each house, are there any clues like toys in the garden or a motorbike outside the house.
  • Counting anything and everything! Toes, fruit, people, cars, lines, toys etc